Air Playit : Streaming Video Application to iPhone, iPad and Android

Smartphone and table memory capacity is limited. It prevents us to store too many audio or video in mobile device we had. Fortunately, there’s streaming technology which would be able to change our computer like our personal “cloud server”. It means, we can access all audio and video file in computer through iPhone, iPad or Android. All its access can be done via WiFi and 3G/4G network.

Air Playit is a free solution from Air Video which is sold $2.99 price. Whereas, Air Playit features are more complete compared with Air Video.


Air Playit mainstay features are:

1. Live Convert and Video/Musik Streaming
This feature made you possible to enjoy all video / music formats in your computer. If the format isn’t supported by iPhone, iPad or Android, then Air Playit will automatically convert it.

2. Offline Conversion
If you don’t want to do live concert, you can also do offline conversion. After it has been converted, you can play it directly in your iPhone, iPad or Android.

3. Streaming Audio and Auto Cache Music Library
Auto Cache is done to optimize streaming process so it would flow smoothly.

This Air Playit can be downloaded for free and it’s available in several versions:

Air Playit iPhone version

Air Playit iPad version

Air Playit Android (APK file) version

In order to use it, in your computer, there shall be installed Air Playit server software

Air Playit Server for Windows

Air Playit Server for Mac

Now you can have your own “personal server cloud” to store all your favorite audio and video, and you can access its streaming directly from iPhone, iPad or Android you had.



Unfortunately, if our mobile device internet connection is a bit slow, streaming process wouldn’t run smoothly. But if you have pretty fast internet connection, it won’t be matter. I hope this article will be beneficial for you :)

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