11 Free Android Applications You should Have

You’ve just had Android cell phone? Confuse to install application you needed? Don’t be confuse nor dizzy to download the applications you need, because SOT has just wanted to share information about application you can have. At least there are 11 apps and surely free, you can get them directly in Google Play.

Here is 11 Free Android Applications you should have according to SpyOnTech Version:

1. MoboPlayer


For you, Android users who love to play video with cell phone, you probably waiting for this MoboPlayer application. Not all player is able to play video optimally, but MoboPlayer can work optimally although in minimum spec of cell phone. Since by using this app, you can play video to your Android without converting their files into specific format.

Download MoboPlayer


2. AirDroid


By this AirDroid you can manage and control your Android from computer via browser such as transferring music, image video, or other files fast and easy. Not just that, you can also send text message to all of your friends or colleagues via browser.

Download AirDroid


3. TouchPal


Not far different with Swype application, this TouchPal also offered input process in typing by sliding alphabet you wanted. So, if your cell phone doesn’t have a Swype application, you can try this application, even it would be better.

Download TouchPal


4. Gesture Search

By this application, you can find anything, (contact, apps, images, etc) you want to look for just by writing one, two or three first alphabet you wanted to search just by scratching your android handset screen.

Download Gesture Search


5. Dolphin Browser


Dolphin Browser is a nifty web browser with add-on support 5. A stylish browser for android yang menklaim sebagai mobile web browser tercepat di dunia dan menawarkan beberapa fitur seperti voice search, gesture controls dan tabbed browsing.

Download Dolphin Browser


6. MoboLauncher


You can change your Android home/desktop appearance as you wanted by this MoboLauncher application. This application can also change theme, icon, font etc. This application can be categorized as functional application.

Download MoboLauncher


7. Any.Do


This free Android application give you simplicity to add and manage your daily agenda, so you can work easier and faster. By this application, you can create list, drag and drop task, or managing alarm. This Any Do has both chrome and iPhone version, also could manage not only your task, but also your partner well.

Download Any.Do


8. Pocket


This application give easiness for you who love to read article you’ve read in the internet or content mobile and want to re-read it again and again. This pocket is one of free application offered for your Android, where you can save article you loved and you can also read it again another time.

Download Pocket


9. InstaMusic

You’d surely need application to play music in your Android, isn’t it? InstaMusic is one of free application for music player which is simple and stylish. The great is, developer choose to limit advertisement displayed into setting page to make it more stylish.

Download InstaMusic


10. Viber


You can do call or sending text message for free by this Viber application. By this application, you can find and identify all people in your contact automatically.

Download Viber


11. Weather Underground

This application gives you information about temperature (in Celcius or Fahrenheit) permanently in your Android notification tray. It’s also able to display climate map and kind of that.

Download Underground


Have you satisfied with free application shared above? If not yet, just wait for the list of Free Android Applications You should Have (Part 2)


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