3G WatchDog: Your Android Guard to Avoid Over-Quota

One exciting thing in using Android is, its easiness in connecting us with digital world. We can connect to many people via Internet, there are also so many applications in Android needed internet connection. However, for some people, especially if you’re still a student, subscribing unlimited connection is too much exaggerating I think, because there’s not many activity did in Android – the solution is, subscribing quota data package which is cheaper, or even let the phone debt cut just to surf the internet a while.

Now we get into the core problem… if we subscribe package, we often unaware that quota data which we should use for a week, in fact run out in one day…. Even based on from my experience, provider report used to appear when our quota has run out 80%. Below the percentage, provider used to stay quiet, so we didn’t realize that we have spent our quota outside of our plan. To overcome it, there’s an application which is able to help you, which is 3G WatchDog.

This application has ability to monitor your quota data internet which you use in your Android smartphone, then gave report according to upload and download data traffic calculation. Not just that, you can also calculate your data usage in daily, weekly, or monthly range time by inserting your quota data package variable into this application’s setting. Then, this 3G WatchDog will monitor and assess your data traffic by itself.

3G WatchDog: Your Android Guard to Avoid Over-Quota

After you put your data quota variable which you used, also the time range plan to use the data, this application then will monitor upload and download done by your smartphone, also gave report how much data you’ve spent.

3G WatchDog: Your Android Guard to Avoid Over-Quota

The report would be presented in form of table, graphic, also written comment / text. It will make you easier in assessing your internet data quota usage by yourself. Moreover, this application is also able to predict how large the data you should use in one day, so that your internet quota data won’t be run out exactly in the plan you decided.

3G WatchDog: Your Android Guard to Avoid Over-Quota

Its attractive additional facility is, 3G WatchDog is able to arrange your Android applications’ list which are the most quota data ‘eater’. Not just monitoring, 3G WatchDog also gave solution by ‘blocking’ the application which absorbed data most so it would be active only if you use WiFi. The application would be secured not to do data download and upload procedure while you use Internet package via mobile package. It surely will avoid you from over-use data for quota data package.

By using this application, you can manage your internet plan which used quota. As additional information, according to my experience, Skype and Whatsapp included application which took a huge amount of data so it would spend out your data package. So, to avoid it, you shall set this application to run in background if you use WiFi connection as interent facility.

You can download 3G WatchDog in:


One more thing, this application is not counting the cost you paid… 3G WatchDog will only calculate your internet quota data, so it won’t give explanation related with package price you spent on…

I’m sure this application will be useful for you, especially if you use internet quota data package in economical way just to turn on application like YM, Whatsapp, FB Chat, and Twitter. Don’t forget to click on like, tweet, or plus one this article if it is useful for you :)


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