4 Best Android Applications to Learn Music

Have you ever dreamed to be a legend in music, but in fact, you cannot play music at all? Now you can learn to play music with your Android. By using this four applications, you will be able to learn guitar, drum, and piano.

Here is 4 applications to learn music:

My Piano Assistant


If you want to be a pianist, then download and install My Piano Assistant in Android device you have. By using this application, you can learn piano easily, because each chord can be seen and tried directly.

Download My Piano Assistant:





This application will also guide you to be a pianist, not far different with My Piano Assistant. Perform with a simple display, xPiano has cool feature, such as: it has 4 octave piano, 2 instruments, wide piano size, multi touch (Android 2.1 up), it’s able to record and play, and there are two songs to be played as example

Download xPiano:



Drum Kit


If you don’t want to be a pianist, probably you want to be a drummer. Use Drum Kit application, drum application which taught you to play drum with your finger touch. This application display one set of drum from above, so it will make your finger easier to learn. It’s also supported by multi-touch, so when your finger touch the drum part one by one, there would be instruments makes this application seemed real.

Download Drum Kit:



Robotic Guitarist Free


Don’t have a passion to both music instrument above? Then try a way to be guitarist. By Robotic Guitarist Free application, you can learn guitar chords easier. This application display is also cool and clear, so it would make you easier to learn. Just choose chord you learned and put your fingers on the screen as instructed by this application.

Download Robotic Guitarist Free:


By the support of applications above, I hope you can learn music easily, whenever and wherever :).

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