5 Best Scrabble Games for Android You Need to Try

For you who are now in blue, don’t be confuse or sad, since there’s a game which is able to make you happy. Scrabble game, in addition to entertain you, this game would also good to add your English vocabularies.


Here is 5 best Scrabble game for you:



This one is official game from Scrabble. This game can also be played in multiplayer, whether with email friend, Facebook, or from your contact. You don’t have to worry that your friend will cheat you because there’s a built in dictionary feature from Scrabble Free. Besides, you can also have a chat with your friend while playing this game. This game can make you played 50 matches.

Download SCRABBLE Free:


Wordsmith Free


This Game will really make you addicted to scrabble. This Game can also be played with your friends who also Android lover. To win this game, you just need to reach the highest score.

If you want to be a master scrabble, this Wordsmith free application would be suitable for you. Because in Wordsmith free, there’s score counter feature which made you possible to find out score from vocabulary you found.

You can set this game with slow level or as flash as lightning speed. Wordsmith game can be played for 60 matches.

Download Wordsmith Free:


DroidWords Free


This scrabble game rule is still similar with other scrabble game, but you can also manage it as you like. This game is also equipped with Shake To Shuffle Letters feature which is able to help you in string up the word. Droidword game mode is so many, some of them are Single Player Mode or Multiplayer Modes – Blitz, BS, and Urban Slang. Droidwords can be played until 25 games.

Download DroidWords Free:


Wordfeud FREE



If you want to have an exciting and challenging Scrabble game, just play Wordfeud FREE. This game setting is still similar with classic Scrabble game, but you can also manage it.

You can also play this Scrabble game with your friend, added with chat feature which can heat up and excite the game more. You can mock your friends or praise them.:D.

Download Wordfeud FREE:


Words With Friends Free



If you used to play FarmVille, FrontierVille or other Facebook type game, you surely know about Zynga. Words With Friends Free was created by Zynga for Android fans. Surely Zynga game-made always look cool and comfortable when played.

Words With Friends Free can be played with your friends, and it’s able to be played to 20 matches. You can also have a chat with your friends.

Download Words With Friends Free:


What a exciting game to overcome your restless feeling, isn’t it?… Besides, you can also learn and add your vocabularies.

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