6 Best Free Android Backup Applications

Bad things can happen to anyone, including you or other SOT’s friends. Such as, your Android cell phone dropped into water, crushed by a car, attacked by virus, or stolen. Surely the data you had would be gone forever :( To stay alert in case if those things happened, I suggest you to have Android backup application.

Here is 6 Best and Free Application for Android backup:

Backup Master


Backup Master application is the easiest way to backup Android file. Backup Master is able to backup text messages, MMS, Bookmarks, Call Log, system setting, alarms, and APN.

By one time tab, Backup Master application will work fast to backup the files you need. This application doesn’t have to do reboot after backing up. Backup file is saved into external memory, exactly in SD Card  Backup everything. Backup Master application can be run automatically to backup with schedule feature (per day, per week, or per month)

Download Backup Master:



Mobile Backup II


Mobile Backup II presented simple backup and restore feature which is able to backup and restore Calendar, Contacts, SMS and Call Log. After those files backed up, the backup file will be stored in SD Card, the result of backup file would be in *txt format. This application run well in OS Android 1.5 to 4.0x.

Download Mobile Backup II:



APN Backup & Restore


By simple feature and display, this application will give easiness for us to backup and restore APN setting and also Jiffy (both are important since they can be used to connect Android to Internet). APN Backup & Restore store backup result in SD Card -> APNBackupRestore folder.

Download APN Backup & Restore:



Backup to Gmail


By using Backup to Gmail application, Android you have would be able to backup SMS, MMS and Call log to gmail account you have. This application can also restore all you’ve backed up in your Gmail account back to your Android. Backup to Gmail can also run automatically with Auto Backup feature. The benefit of using this application is, when the Android you have is lost or broken, you will still have the important data in your Gmail account.

Download Backup to Gmail:



SMS Backup +


Don’t want the SMS from your girlfriend lost forever? Just Use SMS Backup +, By this application, you will be able to backup SMS, MMS and call log to Gmail account you have. This application can also backup automatically for once in two hours using Auto Backup feature which this SMS Backup + application has.

Download SMS Backup +:



Backup Contacts


This application quite simple and useful. Backup Contacts is able to backup contact to SD Card, Dropbox, make it attachment file to be sent in email, and it is able to be stored in Google account you have. The product of Backup Contacts is *CSV.

Download Backup Contacts:



Those Android backup applications above are the easiest way to save important data you have in your Android. So, you don’t have to worry bad things happened to Android you have.

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