7 Best Applications to Take Care of Pets in Android

Having a pet is fun, moreover if they are cute and do silly dorky things :D If you diligently take care of your pet, they will seem health and happy, but if you do the opposite in the contrary they will get ill and horrible  If you’re lazy to take care a real pet, so it would be better for you to take care of virtual pet. You don’t have to bring it to doctor, take it for a walk, bring it to salon, and you don’t have to clean its waste.

If you have Android, what a lucky you are… Now there’s a virtual application to take care an animal.

Here is seven Best Application to Take Care of Pet according to SpyOnTech version:


Bird Land 2.0

Bird Land 2.0

Bird is the easiest animal to be taken care of, but it’s easier when you take care of it in your Android. If you want to take care of a bird, download and install Bird Land 2.0 application. There are so many bird collection you can take care of from this application.

Download Bird Land 2.0



Furdiburb – Beta

Furdiburb – Beta

There’s an alien went down to the earth and asked you, “Can I live in your Android?” Furdiburb is a pet simulator which adopted eggs as their icon. You will be assigned to take care a snow in your Android, there are cool items and unique characters from the game

Download Furdiburb – Beta



Drago Pet

Drago Pet

If you love to take care of a dragon, you’d better install Drago Pet application. This application makes you possible to take care of dragon and feed it, train it to be smart, ask it to play, cleaning the place, accompanied the dragon to sleep, also bath the dragon.

Download Drago Pet



Pet Tamagotchi

Pet Tamagotchi

Before Android famous, Tamagotchi device is so well known as virtual apps to take care of animal. But now, you don’t have to buy Tamagotchi once again, because there’s Tamagotchi Pet apps which can be installed directly in your Android. You can feed your pet directly from the tree, you should also defend from kidnappers, and there’s also mini game to reach extra stars, and you can design the place where your pet lives.

Download Pet Tamagotchi:



Tiny Farm

Tiny Farm

Do you want to be a farmer? You’re probably able to try it in Android you had by using Tiny Farm. This application makes you possible to keep chicken, duck, pig, horse, sheep, cow, and still many more.

Download Tiny Farm:



Aqua Pets

Aqua Pets

Do you like to maintain a fish? Then this Aqua Pets application will suit you. This application will make you possible to change your Android into an aquarium simulator and fill it with fishes. But before that, you have to go fishing first to get fish. To do fishing, you can select various fishing equipment. Besides, you can also decorate your aquarium so it will look so pretty and you can capture it to be a wallpaper.

Download Aqua Pets





If you don’t want to have ordinary fish pet, then use iQuarium application. This application will make your Android as virtual aquarium with cool 3D display.

Download iQuarium:



Exciting, isn’t it? Taking care of animals by using Android. You don’t have to be afraid that your house will be dirty and also smell.

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