8pen: Other Typing Alternative Method for Mobile Device

Mobile Technology has been growing fast. The device becomes smaller, make typing on the mobile device is not as easy as before. That’s why there are several companies trying to make typing on small device better, faster and easier. After Swype, there is another new typing app that delivers a new typing method for android device: 8pen!

8pen: Other Typing Alternative Method for Mobile Device

8pen is a new typing method for Android device. It comes with a new keyboard that different with conventional keyboard. The developer claims that 8pen method is faster and less error-prone than a conventional typing method. They said that 8pen is fun, intuitive and easy to learn. Watch this video to understand better about how’s 8pen works:

In my personal opinion, 8pen is more difficult than swype or the standard typing method. However, it is only the alternative way of typing. You can install 8pen for free directly from android market. Please share your experience after using 8pen on your Android phone.

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