Amazing Alex Free: The Latest Android Game from Rovio

Who doesn’t know Angry Birds, this bird-throwing game is so popular along gamers and grouped into top downloaded game record in 2011-2012 period. From Android, iPhone, even Desktop game which showed that this games has expanded into various versions. It looks like, Rovio wanted to once again break their top download record by releasing new game titled Amazing Alex. Not far different with Angry Birds game, Amazing Alex game is still in Arcade and Action type.


Amazing Alex is a game which told about a kid named Alex, who’s full with imagination and change many toys into exciting and thrilling adventures that forced us to use our brains.



Alex created a sequenced reaction from toys he arranged, by your imagination, you can finish missions in this game. Finished the challenge from Amazing Alex by downloading this Amazing Alex game for your Android here:

Here is also demo video from Amazing Alex:

Which one more exciting between Angry Birds and Amazing Alex? Leave your comment below to give your opinion.

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