Android Application to make you or your friend become bald

Do you want to know about your appearance or your friend’s appearance in bald condition?? Make Me Bald application for Android can make your wish come true. Ow… Wait a second! This application doesn’t turn you or your friend into real bald-man just as you imagined!

Make Me Bald is Android application which can be entertainment or jokes with your friend. You can take your picture or your friend, then cut the hair part as your wish.

In a few second, you can cut all your friends’ hair. You probably would also be surprised how your friends’ appearance or even yourself become bald.


Haha.. so funny, isn’t it? This application is not important. But it’s good to remove our boredom when working.

You can download Make Me Bald application from Android Market
Sssst…You can also upload your bald picture into Facebook!
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