Best Android Application to Change Image to Text

Have you ever thought to change an image or photo into a text? For example, when you’re browsing and finding a beautiful poem, but the poem is in form of picture, and you want to make it as your latest status in Twitter or Facebook. It’s impossible, to type the beautiful word one by one into your Facebook or Twitter account? It’s not practical and your time will be wasted much, but SOT has the solution.

If you use Android, lucky you! By using Google Goggles application, you can change image or photo into text. This application quite cool, isn’t it. Moreover, you can get it for free.

Best Android Application to Change Image to Text

What features you can get from Google Goggles?? Here are features you can get from Google Goggles:

  • Convert image or photo into text.
  • You can directly use the convert result by past it into any application, for example when browsing, sms, or Whatsapp.
  • You can translate the convert result into some languages.
  • If you convert your name card, then you can directly add it into your Android contact.

If you less clear about features above, then you can watch demo video from Google Goggles here:

The weakness of this application is, you should copy manually the result of this application from convert text and paste it into new worksheet, for example from Word, Notes, SMS or other applications, if the convert result is not much, it won’t be a matter, but if the convert result are many and took sheets, it will take time, but this application is still cool and you got to try it!

Download Google Goggles:

For you who doesn’t use Android, don’t get disappointed. If you use computer or laptop, then you can still use Advanced PDF Utilities Free or you can read article about Convert Image To Text.


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