Create, Edit, and upload your document using Google Docs for Android

A good news came for you, android phone user. Recently Google Docs application for Android has been released. By this application, you can create, edit, upload, and share your document files directly from your Android phone without using browser!

Create, Edit, and upload your document using Google Docs for Android

In this mobile era, working can be done anywhere. Even by using Google Docs for Android phone application, creating, editing, uploading, and sharing document with friend or team wouldn’t be limited with time and place. All can be done from your android smartphone.

Features from Google Docs for Android are:

1. Create, edit, upload and share your document directly from your android phone using Google Docs App.
2. Designed specific for Android, so you can find your document fast.
3. You can edit various document such as spreadsheets and other documents fast.
4. You can open and see your documents, PDF file, picture, and there are still many other document format.
5. You can upload and convert file to Google Docs format.
6. It provides OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, so you can take photo from printed document and change it into editable Google docs.
7. You can share documents with your partner or team members in your cellular contact.

For you who have interest to use Google Docs for Android, make sure that your android device version was version 2.1. or above. You can install Google Docs for Android directly from this Android market:


After you download and install it, you can access Google Docs for Android through shortcuts in your android device homescreen.

Unfortunately, there are still some weakness in Google Docs for Android this early version. Such as, its OCR still not supported for hand writing and support only for English, there are some problems in switch account and some bugs. But just as usual, Google was never late to update their product to be better. So I’m sure that Google would update Google Docs for Android in this near time. Have a nice try on Google Docs for Android!

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