CyanogenMod 9 RC Has Been Released With Various Modification in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Great news for you, Android device owner. The most popular Android ROM today, CyanogenMod, has released CyanogenMod 9 RC (Release Candidate). For you who have device with sophisticated specs, you can download and install this CyanogenMod 9 RC in your favorite Android device.

cyanogenmod 9 rc

CyanogenMod 9 RC is based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich which has been customized with various feature modification. Various latest features you can meet in CyanogenMod 9 RC are:

  • New mascot named Cid. Probably Cid is teen version of previous version of CyanogenMod mascot which still seemed like ‘child’ ^^.
  • Calendar Event and weather information can be displayed in lock screen.
  • New Launcher named Trebuchet.
  • Various new themes for CyanogenMod 9 which can be downloaded in Google Play.
  • Managing system easier, such as managing content or style from notification bar.
  • Tuning Menu below display tab to manage system in advanced way.
  • There are various additional profile such as Work, Home, Car, or Night.
  • Freely do over clock, such as increasing performance or making Android battery last longer.
  • Build in Automation feature.

By such various flexibility, CyanogenMod 9 RC is worth to try for Android user who wanted to get more “freedom” than offered by original version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

CyanogenMod 9 RC can be downloaded in this link.

For you whose Android device are not included there, you can download Nightly version here.

Unfortunately, my Android gadget specs is not sophisticated enough for CyanogenMod 9 RC. So, my Android Gadget can only use CyanogenMod 7.20.


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