DeskNotifier : Now you don’t have to Miss an Important Call or SMS!

If you work a lot in front of computer just like me, you’d probably feel disturbed by this cycle: working with PC – phone ringing – picking up the phone – working with PC again – your text notification screaming – taking a cell phone – replying message – working with PC again. If you’re working something important, I’m sure you feel so lazy to take your phone although you can reach it by your hand easily.

In other moment, you’d probably unaware that so many message came to your cell phone when you watched your favorite movie in PC. I imagine if you received dozens text messages from your girlfriend, I wish the last text message is not about breaking up the relations…

Good news for Android user, now there’s DeskNotifier application. This application made you possible to connect your Android cell with yoru PC, although via WiFi or USB cable, then your PC will also receive notification of incoming message and call, even you can send reply or new text message via your PC.

Do you want to get such facilities?

First of all, you need to download this DeskNotifier application:

DeskNotifier for PC:

DeskNotifier for Android (Google Play):

If Google Play is not your option because of lack internet quota package, you can download the .apk file for this application in:

The next step, you should install each application first, whether for PC or your Android. After they are ready, you need to do this setting:



For you who use WiFi connection:

Connect PC and your cellular to the same WiFi network.

In your PC: right click on DeskNotifier icon in taskbar > connection setup > choose wifi.

Select “Wifi” tab and fill in IP-Address from your cell phone. You can find the address on the application.

For you who use USB connection:

Don’t forget, you should install USB driver first before you do these setting.
In your cell phone: Settings > Applications > Development > check on USB-Debugging.

In your PC: right click on DeskNotifier icon on taskbar > connection setup > choose USB > OK > Connection ready!

Pay attention to this setting in your DeskNotifier application.




Then DeskNotifier is ready to use. When you receive text message, you’ll receive this notification in your PC.


You can decide to let the sms or reply it directly by simply typing message via PC. Quite practical, isn’t it?

If you receive phone call, it’s true there would be a notification in PC. However, to answer the phone, you still have to use earphone or headset from your mobile.

After I tried it, this application is so practical and help me to reply message faster. You now how vulnerable us to make a mistake while typing on touchscreen? This kind of incident can be avoided by using this application. Unfortunately, this application doesn’t help to open old text message in your Android gadget. So, you cannot use your PC to read old messages. However, facility where you can reply message instantly via PC is quite helpful for my performance in front of the computer.

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