Download and Get Iris: Android Version of Siri!

For you who follow gadget development, you should know about Siri, a very smart voice assistant feature for iPhone 4S. Now Android doesn’t want to miss the train too. Through Dexetra, one of the Android Application developer, Iris is released as competitor of Siri. Are you curious about its performance?

Download and Get Iris: Android Version of Siri!

For you who want to know what Siri performance like in iPhone 4S, just watch the video below:

After you see Siri video owned by iPhone 4S above, compare it with Iris from Android’s performance:

It’s seen clearly that Siri and Iris performances are still far different. It because Iris is still Alpha version and it hasn’t been developed further. It’s said that Dexetra made this Iris alpha only on eight hours!

You can download Iris directly from Android Market.

After using Iris for Android, how’s its performance according to you?


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  • jdh

    I was totally interested in Iris till I saw the two videos.  Now I’m waiting till iPhone 3 comes out.

    • I also interested with Iris before. However, after I install it on my android smartphone, I feel that iris isn’t as “smart” as siri yet. Can’t wait the final version of this app :)

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