Download Offline Version Wikipedia for Android

For you who often search information via internet, you must be familiar with Wikipedia? This information portal site contained tons of complete information and up to date. But how if you want to access Wikipedia, but you don’t connect the internet? Hmmm… probably this offline-version Wikipedia for Android would be useful for you!

This Wikipedia Offline for Android contained 2 million English-version Wikipedia articles. This is about a half of total Wikipedia article recently.

By such articles, it needs 3.6 GB space which would be stored in your device’s SD Card. Surely it would be better for you to download this application via high-speed Wi-Fi connection. If you didn’t, you will need days to finish it.

This Offline-version Wikipedia has features:

  • Compressed Database with download process which can be resumed.
  • It is equipped with search engine which specifically optimized for smartphone.
  • It is equipped with instant search which displayed result searching directly when the keyword is inserted.
  • It is equipped with history and bookmarks feature.
  • It is able to change font size as you wish.

Download Offline Version Wikipedia for Android

Download Offline Version Wikipedia for Android

Download Offline Version Wikipedia for Android

Download Offline-version Wikipedia for Android

Although this offline-version Wikipedia for Android is not covered all articles in Wikipedia, but 2 millions articles are more than enough to find information you might search for.

Finding information offline becomes easier!

Do you want offline-version Wikipedia in computer? Relax, SOT will also discuss how to create offline-version Wikipedia for PC, immediately.

Stay Tuned Guys! :D


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