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Counter Strike which is commonly mentioned as “CS” is one of the most popular game and the most successful in the world. By hundred millions users, this game is popular in gamer communities until today. In the more mobile world, some developers tried to do port in Counter Strike game so it can be played in mobile device. The result, now you can download the latest Counter Strike in mobile version for Android for free.


This mobile version of Counter Strike game can be played in various Android devices, whether smartphone or tablet. When played it, you can directly connect yourself to server with other players. In average, there are more than 600 players online each day. Surely, in order to run the game well, you need good internet connection in your Android device.

Here is the example of Counter Strike mobile version 7o gameplay example played in China made tablet, HaiPad M7

While this is free Counter Strike gameplay when it’s played in Acer Iconia Tab

Interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, I admit that there’s nothing more ‘satisfying’ than playing Counter Strike in computer, complete with keyboard and mouse. However, this Counter Strike mobile for Android can be your killing-time-activity in long journey or outside home.

Counter Strike mobile for Android is an adaptation of Counter Strike 1.6. you can download the latest counter strike in mobile version directly from link provided in XDA Developer forum.

PS: When I tried to download version 1.20 (the latest update for February 7th 2012), the previous download link was not worked. For temporary, you can download the previous version, which is version 7o, 7y, 6p or 5o. I’m pretty sure that the latest counter strike mobile version download link would be fixed by its developer in the next one or two days. Enjoy trying!


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