Fast Facebook : Hurray… Facebook in Android is not slow anymore!

If you’re Android user like me, more or less, you surely felt that Facebook application for Android now is so slow. The loading is so slow… need a long time to open a photo… Long time needed for update status… Aargh! For people who feel the same, don’t be frustrated. It turns out, there’s a new application which can make enjoying Facebook in Android become faster! What’s that?

Fast Facebook, a new application which still in Beta, but it’s proven very fast when it is used to access Facebook in Android. After I tried it, it turned out that this application also cost less battery and also use far low memory.

Fast Facebook : Hurray... Facebook in Android is not slow anymore!

This Facebook Client application can do almost all things done by original Facebook application such as: comment, share, like, writing status, notification, chat, share content, accessing photo, video, link, search friends, reading messages, etc.

Even Fast Facebook already has display with style like Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, this application is not supported push notifications and event invites. But this application is still beta, and now the developer works hard to develop the feature. A moment later, there must be an update with additional features. So, for you who want to try do Facebook in Android faster, just download Fast Facebook application now.

Fast Facebook in Google Play

What benefit I got after using Fast Facebook for Android?
Using Facebook in Android will become faster
Our Android Gadget will save more battery
Low memory usage so it wouldn’t make our Android slower.

What do you think? Can you use Facebook faster? Feel free to share your experience after using Fast Facebook here.
Thank you… I hope it would be beneficial :)

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