Feel the sensation of Classic Snake Game of 1997 in modern Smartphone

As years goes by, more advanced and modern, yes… that’s the fact in mobile and smartphone world. Honestly, sometimes I miss the simplicity and modesty of my old cell phone. My longing is a bit relieved when I found classic Snake ’97 game application for my Android cell phone. Moreover, the application in fact is free!


Snake ’97 game is a remake of classical snake game which is so popular in 90’s. this classical Snake game is often considered as standard for cell phone in its era. The popularity peak is in 1997, where this game became built in game for various cell phone such as Nokia, Samsung, etc.

When you played Snake ’97 game in your Android smartphone, your smartphone display would also turn into classical cell phone in 1997’s

Just watch how this Snake ’97 game is played in Android smartphone.

It’s such delightful watching my Android smartphone turned into classical cell phone display in 1997’s! I really miss it!

Actually, this Snake ’97 game is available in various version, started from Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad, also Android version. However, from the three versions I mentioned, what you can use for free is only the Android version.

Go download Snake ’97 game for Android here and feel the sensation of classical cell phone in your advanced smartphone!

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