How to Accelerate Big Size File Download in Android

You probably have some troubles when downloading big-size file through your Android device. Whether slow download speed or others, download process can be cut or corrupted file. If it’s happened, surely you should repeat the download process from the beginning. It could spend time, even your credit. To minimize the disturbance, you can use AndroGET application.


AndroGET is a free download manager application fro Android. This application is similar as IDM (Internet Download Manager) or FDM (Free Download Manager) for PC. AndroGET has so many benefits. Some benefits you can get while using AndroGET download manager are:

1. accelerating download process.
2. Supporting big-size file download.
3. it’s able to download directly from browser or link share.
4. it’s equipped with queue (queue of download file).
5. It can be used for Pause, Stop, Resume or Retry when there’s an error in downloading process.
6. supporting download process using proxy.
7. it’s able to rename or overwrite file.
8. supporting Dropbox.
9. Supporting various file sharing sites, such as Mediafire, Uploadbaz, etc.

AndroGET supports almost all Android browsers such as Android Stock Browser, UC Browser, Dolphin HD & Dolphin Mini, Opera Mobile & Opera Mini, Firefox, Boat Browser and other browsers.

For you who often downloading file through Android device, you can download AndroGET application here.

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