How to Get G Data Mobile Security License for Android

The more operating system user, there would be more viruses made to attack the system. It commonly happens in technology world, including what happened in Android operating system. There are various Android viruses noted, such as DroidKungFu, GGTracker, DroidDream, etc. Are you ready to overcome it?

To protect your Android gadget from various virus threat, you can use G Data Mobile Security. This Android Antivirus has a complete feature, such as:

  • Protecting Android when it is used to surf and phone call.
  • Protecting private data such as sms, email, etc from malware, virus or spyware.
  • Authorization check: which application allowed to use internet, send sms or phone call.
  • Scanning virus automatically or manually.
  • Do checking to application which has just been installed.
  • Do checking to application authorization which has been installed.

For more complete explanation about this G Data Mobile Security, you can watch it in G Data Software HomePage:


Wait wait… such sophisticated Android antivirus… Do we need to pay or get it for free???

Normally, G Data Mobile Security is sold €9.99, but SOT here will give a guidance to get their license for free and legal.


How to get G Data Mobile Security license:

1. Visit this promo page:

2. Fill in all data needed. Because the promo page is written in Taiwanese, you may see screenshot prepared by SOT as guidance.


3. If this page has been opened, it means you have successfully registered.


4. G Data Mobile Security License for Android will be sent to your email in July 13th 2012 local time.

Don’t forget to watch your email in July 13th 2012 later… because G Data Mobile Security license will be sent via email. I wish you luck. ^^

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