InstaWifi: New Ways to Share WiFi Network within QR Code

To travel in digital world, we surely need internet access, aren’t we? You can use LAN or Wi-Fi network. To share Wi-Fi network used often in home, office, café, and other Wi-Fi network provider is by using Router, after that, you can connect it to other computer or devices.

However, the more tech progress, now it’s possible for you to share Wi-Fi network by using android smartphone . One of the way, is by using an apps named InstaWifi.

InstaWifi: New Ways to Share WiFi Network within QR Code

InstWifi is a free application, made you easier to connect and share Wi-Fi network with friend, relatives, and family. So, after using InstaWifi, network receiver no longer have to memorize keywords which used to consist of long combination characters, especially if using alphabets and numbers. It brought you trouble, didn’t it? But it won’t happen again after you use InstaWifi since it has different features, which is by using NFC and QR code.

Just by pressing on NFC sticker and scanning QR Code provided, you can directly connected to Wi-Fi network. If Android you used once rooted, this application will automatically fill a security password. Also the opposite, if your Android isn’t rooted yet, then manually you have to fill in the password.

InstaWifi: New Ways to Share WiFi Network within QR Code

InstaWifi: New Ways to Share WiFi Network within QR Code

For clearer explanation, you can watch this video:

It needs other applications to run InstaWiFi such as Barcode Scanner and NFC sticker reader. But by those items, you can feel certain comfort and security to connect or share Wi-Fi network.

Get InstaWifi in:

By using InstaWifi, now you can easily connect or share Wi-Fi networks with your friends. No longer get trouble to memorize and typing various Wi-Fi password. A little bit note, don’t you share your QR Code to untrusted person since QR Code has Wi-Fi network password which planted in image. How about that? Are you interesting to use InstaWifi? You can download it directly. Enjoy trying :D

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