iris is available in Android as Siri’s Twin

Siri is one of the four mainstay features which specially available in iPhone 4S. For Android user, you don’t have to worry. You can also have similar software as Siri which named iris. Yes, with small ‘i’ alphabet, which is an abbreviation of Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri . This application developer must be humorous person if you see the abbreviation of ‘iris’ word.

iris is available in Android as Siri’s Twin

Just like its ‘twin’, Siri, this application functions to answer question. Its performance might not as accurate as Siri, but its developer promised that iris would be able to answer your question in various topic from philosophy, culture, history, to general topic.

iris uses speech-to-text feature from Android to understand your command, so you have to provide Voice Search and TTS library pre-installed. This application is still in development and available in alpha version.

For you who have interest to find out iris further, please download it in Android Market.

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  • jdh

    Given the culture of Apple, it seems reasonable to assume that Siri is itself originally backward for Iris, the messenger of Zeus.

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