Maxthon: Advanced Browser for Android Phone with RSS Feeds Widget

Maxthon for Android or usually called as Maxthon mobile is the first Android browser built in with RSS feeds widget. It allows you to add, edit and read RSS feeds on your android phones. With low resource requirement, Maxthon Mobile gives you a light and fast browsing experience with your Android phone.

With Syncing capabilities, Maxthon Mobile allows you to sync your website bookmarks, favorites, contacts and history between your Android phone and your PC desktop. For example, when you bookmark, open, or browse anything with Maxthon Mobile on your Android phone, it will be automatically synchronized with your Maxthon Desktop browser.

Maxthon Mobile Browser for Android Phone

Maxthon Mobile Browser for Android Phone

Another awesome feature of Maxthon Mobile for Android is it’s capabilities to use gestures on a touchscreen to control the browser. You can draw the gestures by yourself. For example, you can draw “n” to give a “Close Tab” command to the browser, you can also draw “n” to give a “New Tab” command.

These are the advantages if you use Maxthon Mobile as your Android phone’s browser:

1. RSS feeds widgets, allows you to add, edit and read RSS feeds through your Android Phone.

2. Super Gesture, allows you to draw your own gestures to give commands to the browser.

3. Quick Access, this features allow you to quick access your favorites, most visited sites, last close tabs, etc.

4. Maxthon Downloader, you can download files, pictures, music, etc. with download resuming support.

Maxthon Mobile browser for android is completely free to use. You can download it from this link below:


With Maxthon Mobile for android, you can get a new experience of advanced browsing with ease.

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