Mobo Task Killer Review: Not Ordinary Task Killer Android

Most of Android operating system user, whether in Tablet or smartphone, surely used task killer apps. The application is functioned to control other running apps which working in device. Recently, there are so many task killer apps in Android Market. One of the apps which attracted our attention is Mobo Task Killer. Read this Mobo Task Killer Review to know the pros and cons when using this apps.

Mobo Task Killer Review

Mobo Task Killer is an application to control various other software run in Android. Why do you need a task killer apps like Mobo Task Killer apps, in your Android device? When you close an application in Android operating system, sometimes the apps is not really working. Imagine when there are some apps working at the same time. Resource from your Android will slowly run out and make its performance become unstable. Battery ability and durability will also get influenced. Task killer apps is useful to help you see which application still running and allow you to make it really stop operating.


You can get Mobo Task Killer through Android Market. The Apps has file size not more than 600 KB. Surely by the capacity size, this apps won’t be disturbed much your device’s internal memory capacity. We don’t have any problem when installing the application in our device. Just by following Wizard on Android Market, you will already have this application installed well.


For a freeware, this application could not be doubted. Features in this apps are more advanced than similar apps in Android Market. Here are some features found in this application:

Task Killer – As its name, this software is a task killer with various simplicity offered. You can control various application with the easiest way through one optimized button or manually by ticking checkbox to separate which application you want to run or not.

Tools – this application also provides other attractive tools which are ready to help you in operating Android device. By the support of your Mobo Task Killer, it will be easier to operate Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and some other information.

Battery– this information is quite interesting and outside the application usage. By accurate data about battery consumption, you’ll get accurate information network about battery usage in device you owed.


For a freeware which can be downloaded from Android Market for free, this software succeed to show its ability when we did an intensive test. Here are some test results we found in this software.

Design –Mobo Task Killer display is a bit different with similar kind software, by display elements such as speedometer and number also presentation of memory usage which is so easy to be understood, it will make this application usage easier. Meanwhile, utilities also display battery information and additional tools in below.

On Going – in ongoing session, this application display memory and battery usage information brief and clear. You don’t have to open it overall to get battery and free space memory information.

Tools – This application also display various additional tools to activate or turn off connectivity such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, synchronization, and brightness display setting which can be managed in bar

Auto mode – if you feel that you need to manage memory usage or non-activate application automatically, you can do it directly by clicking on or pressing automatic button with red color.


It’s nothing wrong to read file manual first to use this apps. You can find explanation about how to use this application by clicking on button with “i” logo. Clue given is quite informative and so easy to be understood by everybody. From test we’ve done, developer has succeed to support well. .


MOBO Task Killer is grouped into one application should be provided by Android basis-smartphone users. This application advantage is not just managing running software. Various other information such as memory capacity, battery usage, and other benefits tools are the main attractor factor which would be difficult to be passed.


Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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