Protect Your Android from Virus and Stealing by Avast Mobile Security!

For you who longing for free Android antivirus, this is an exciting news for you. Avast, one of the famous antivirus vendors, now has launched Android Antivirus you can use for free! This Antivirus mobile is named Avast Mobile Security. Are you curious what it’s like and how to get this Avast Mobile Security?

avast mobile antivirus

Avast Mobile Security recently is still released in beta version. But this version is already has various mainstay feature which is advanced to be used to protect your android cell phone from virus attack. The main feature of Avast Mobile Security is divided into two groups.

1. Avast Mobile Security
In running its function as mobile security app, Avast Mobile Security has antivirus, privacy report, sms/call filtering, app manager, web shield also Firewall. By such various features, Avast Mobile Security is able to secure your android gadget from hacker, virus, and other dangerous attack.

2. Avast Anti-Theft
In running its function as anti-theft application, Avast Mobile Security has some features such as:

– App Disguiser to change Avast Mobile Security application name
– Stealth mode to hide Avast Mobile Security application.
– Self protection to stop hard reset or uninstall done by the thief.
– Battery save to stop the thief turning off your cell phone and non-activate Avast Mobile Security.
– Sim Card Change Notification to let you know if your cell phone’s sim card number is shifted, also gives its geo location too.
– Trusted SIM card list
– Remote setting change to change your Android setting from distance
– Also various remote features such as activating alarm, locking cell phone, displaying message, viewing cell phone location, formatting memory, call/SMS forwarding, restart cell phone, etc from distance.

If your cell phone Android version is Android 2.1.x, 2.2.x, or 2.3.x, so you can download and install Avast Mobile Security directly from Android Market.

By using Avast Mobile Security in your Android phone, your cell phone will be protected from virus, threat, hacker, even it’s able to minimize your loss if your Android cell phone is stolen


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