Protect Your Privacy with Firefox for Android (Beta)

When you’re surfing with android phone, you could use new firefox browser for android. Firefox have just released new firefox beta for android which claimed very powerful to protect your privacy. It has “Do Not Track Privacy” features that protect any site to track your privacy data.

“Do Not Track Privacy” feature give you more control to allow which private data could be tracked and used online. There are several privacy and security options you could choose such as allow cookies or not, remember passwords or not, tell sites to track you or not.

Protect Your Privacy with Firefox for Android Beta

When you select “Yes” on “Tell Sites not to track me” option, firefox will automatically tell every loaded webpage to not track your privacy data and thus your privacy data will remain safe.

You can download and install Firefox for Android Beta with “Do Not Track Privacy” features included from this link below:


There still other features you could get from Firefox for Android beta such as Sync and add-ons support.
Please remember this is still beta version and it still need several improvements. It still running slow on several android device, No flash support, and a bit ugly on it’s appearance and rendering engine. But with the big reputation of Mozilla I’m sure the final version of Firefox for Android would be awesome.

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