Rising Mobile Security: Free Symbian and Android Antivirus

For you who are searching for free Symbian or Android antivirus, Rising Company prepares it for you. By developing Rising Mobile Security, Rising Company gives solution for symbian and Android smartphone owner who want to protect their smartphone for free. The big question is: Is this Rising Mobile Security worth to be used?

Rising Mobile Security: Free Symbian and Android Antivirus

This Rising Mobile Security has just released by Rising Company in previous May 10th 2011. Still included into newborn antivirus group, but in latest September 27th 2011, Rising Mobile Security successfully won Checkmark Certificate of Mobile Security Anti-malware. This certification is awarded by Westcoast Lab and given to mobile antivirus application which has passed the test.

The test is done by installing the application in mobile phone, then it’s tested by various virus which often attacked mobile phone. If the antivirus mobile is able to detect 100% from virus given without any false positive, the antivirus would receive Checkmark Certificate of Mobile Security Anti-malware.

From the test, it could be seen that Rising Mobile Security is good against mobile viruses which attack rapidly. This Rising Mobile Security consists of two version and they’re all free. Rising Mobile Security for Android can be downloaded here, while for Symbian user, you can download Rising Mobile Security here.

One thing which makes me curious is, why this Rising Mobile Security is not listed on Android Market or Ovi store? What about you? If you have experience in using this Rising Mobile Security, you can share your experience through comment from below.


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