Secure your Android from dangerous Virus with AVG Android Antivirus!

Android now is getting popular! The popularity made many parties who have no responsibility spread dangerous malware to android applications. DroidDream is one of them. This Malware is designed to steal your important information in your android gadget. Eventhough Google has tried hard to erase all android application which stuck by the rootkit malware, we should be careful from their attack. One of the solution is installing antivirus for your android gadget.

Protect Your Android Device with AVG Android Antivirus

Protect Your Android Device with AVG Android Antivirus

AVG, one of famous antivirus developer now has released special antivirus for android. The good news is, antivirus for the android has Free version! Beside protecting your android from virus and malware, AVG Android antivirus also secured it from stealing (protecting data when your android stolen), also protecting from spam text message.

These are the complete feature from AVG Android antivirus:

1. Do scanning to your android gadget, then identifying and erasing virus easily.

2. You could arrange automatic scan everyday, every week or just as you want

3. AVG Android antivirus would do checking to all application you downloaded and make sure it’s free from malware.

4. do checking to website, email, and text message contain, and make sure it’s free from dangerous virus and malware before entered into the device.

5. do location tracking by using GPS if your android lost or stolen by somebody.

6. create and display message in remote way

7. locking device and erasing all its contain in remote from far place.

8. managing android applications in remote

9. protecting your android from spam text messages.

There are 2 methods to download AVG Android antivirus for free, they are: downloading it directly from your android or downloading it to your PC first. This is download link for AVG Android Antivirus:

Download AVG Android Antivirus directly from your android device:


Download AVG Android Antivirus to your PC:


By using AVG Android Antivirus, there expected your android would be free from malware, virus and data stealing

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