Super-Fast Way to Install APK file in Android

In addition of using Android Market facility, Android users can also install Android application directly from Android Package file or commonly called as APK file. Yes, in fact there are some applications which haven’t entered Android Market, but you can get the APK file to be installed manually.

There are many ways to install APK file to your Android device, but the fastest and easiest way in installing APK file is:

1. Send the APK file you wanted to be installed to your Gmail account (use file attachment feature). You can use your reserve email to send the APK file.


2. If your email has been sent, open the email directly from your Android device (use Gmail Android application).

3. When you opened the email, there would be “Install” button beside the APK attachment. Just click on “Install” button and APK file would be installed in your Android device.


Easy and Fast, isn’t it?
This ease also has limitation. By using above trick, the maximum APK file you can install is 25 MB as the limitation of file attachment limitation of Gmail service.

If APK file you want to install has below 25 MB size, the above trick can be the fastest and easiest way to install APK file in your Android.

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