Taking Note Anything You Wanted in your Android Phone Using Memento

Are you a forgetful person? Or you might be want to be more discipline and scheduled? Download Memento for Android! Memento is an android application which made you possible to note anything you wanted in your Android phone. Schedule, recipe, reminder, tasks, object list of things you should buy, small note, idea, or anything you want to write on Memento!

Note Anything You Wanted in your Android Phone Using Memento

Memento can help you to remember many things since you can write anything you needed. By using Memento for Android you can manage any data you wanted through your Android phone.

Memento has many interesting features such as:

1. Storing entries equipped with custom fields.
2. You can sort, group, and filter entries according to any fields.
3. It has 19 fields type included text, boolean, integer, date/time, rating, currency, image, audio, contact, google maps, coordinate and there are many other fields.
4. Synchronized with Google Docs.
5. It can do export and import CSV file
6. It is equipped with reminder to remind you about a note or memo.
7. It has password protection encrypted using AES-128
8. It has backup feature and data restore.
9. You can send your entries through email, sms, or other services provided
10. It is equipped with barcode scanner, making entries with data and figures from google.
11. You can publish all entry in your memento to your friend all over the world

For you who want to use memento for your android phone, you can download it through android market here:



My Review about Memento for Android

This Memento is a database application useful for you who owed Android Phone, I Recommend you to download and use this application. I almost can’t find any weakness of this application unless its inability to avoid duplicate entries. My rating for memento is 9 from 10! I hope this information would be worth for you:)

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