The Best Free Anti-Theft Application for Android

Are you Android device user? Don’t let thief taking and accessing your data! Yup. As a gadget owner, we’ll never know what will be happened to our gadget. Lost or stolen risk are existed, though we would never expect it happened to us.


Before things we hate happened, it would be better for us to keep up our guard. As people said: prepare your umbrella before it rains – is a wise matter, isn’t it?

Here are some anti-theft application for Android you can get for free. These applications can be used to find your lost Android back, or if you cannot find it back, you can use it to erase all of your personal data. Who ever want text messages, personal photos, are watched by someone else?

Ok, without wasting time, here is the list of The best free Anti-Theft applications which I put in rank according to its intension:

A. Avast Anti-Theft

Who doesn’t know about Avast? Antivirus vendor which took the fastest antivirus 2012 title has been long traveled in Security world, including mobile security world.

In order to install Avast Anti-Theft, you should download Avast Mobile Security first.

Download Avast Mobile Security

After Avast Mobile Security is downloaded in your Android, you can use it to download Avast Anti-Theft.

Avast Anti-Theft is a free anti-theft application with quite complete features:

It makes user possible to control Android through text message

  • Tracking cell phone location through GPS
  • Lock (locking handphone)
  • Wipe (erasing data) whether in SD card or Internal storage
  • Turn alarm on even when the cell phone has been in silent condition
  • Making a call to certain number
  • Forward or CC sms to certain number
  • Reboot device
  • Running certain application and still many more
  • Giving notification to certain number if the thief replaced SIM card number in our cell phone (also informing the new SIM card number). We can also manage when the SIM card is replaced, it will automatically:
    • Lock the cell phone
    • Ringing the alarm
    • Non-activating cell phone’s setting
    • Force to turn on internet connection (for tracking process with GPS)
    • Sending notification text message when the battery low.
  • This application is run outside the thief’s awareness (stealth mode)
  • It is able to stop hard / factory reset so it will cause trouble for the thief to erase this application.
  • It won’t take a lot of memory and battery resource.
  • However, from various pros provided by Avast Anti-Theft, it doesn’t bring it free from weakness. From my notes, there are some weakness of this application:

  • Avast Anti-Theft process can be seen from Task Killer application as, although Task Killer cannot shut this application down, at least this application’s stealth mode won’t run perfectly.
  • There’s no remote camera feature to take photo or video from distance
  • There’s no remote microphone feature to record voice from distance
  • B. Android Lost

    Actually Android Lost has more complete features than Avast Anti-Theft. Various features which are very useful when our cell phone is stolen provided by this application

  • Reading SMS sent and inbox in remote way
  • Wipe data whether in internal memory or SD card
  • Tracking cell phone location by GPS
  • Installing application in remote way
  • Locking, erasing data, turning on alarm, and various other functions through text message
  • Taking pictures from front or rear camera in remote… and there are still many more other advanced feature.
  • From its features, I should admit that Android Lost is far better above Avast Anti-Theft. But why did I put it in second row? Yup. Because of TRUST factor. I know Avast as security vendor company which has already existed since long time and surely, I feel secure when using its application. It is safe because of privacy data protection, etc (Android Lost needs so many app permission.. even you should login in your Google account to use this application!

    For you who take feature as an important thing, clearly Android Lost will be the first rank. However, for person who concern about privacy like me, Avast Anti-Theft is undefeatable.

    Download Android Lost

    C. Prey Anti-Theft

    If you still remember… about a year ago, this Prey Anti-Theft was reviewed once in PusatGratis. This Prey Anti-Theft is an Anti-Theft application for Laptop and Handphone. This open source application supports so many platforms, started from Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

    Prey Anti-Theft feature is far simpler than both previous Anti-Theft apps. This application supports some features such as:

    • GPS + Wifi Location
    • Detecting SIM card Replacement
    • Text message or PUSH activation.
    • Lock device in remote way
    • Turning alarm on in remote way
    • Giving alert to the thief.

    Thing which made Prey Anti-Theft is put in the third position is because its uninstall protection feature cannot work effectively. It’s true Prey Anti-Theft protect itself to avoid uninstall procedure, but this application doesn’t stop hard/factory reset. It would be easy for the thief to put this application aside.

    Download Prey Anti-Theft for Android
    Prey Anti-Theft Homepage

    Well, there are now three Anti-Theft applications you can choose. Feel free to select as your taste and needs. One thing you should remember, by installing this Anti-Theft application, it doesn’t mean you’re an hundred percent safe from cell phone stealing or lost. At least, the risk can be minimize such as the spreading private data risk, hacked personal accounts, etc. At least, we prepare the umbrella before it rains, don’t we?

    Wait a minute..!

    If you feel three options of application above are still less, here I add some other free Anti-Theft applications for Android as additional options for you.

    • Anti Theft Control
    • AndroidTheft
    • Lost Phone
    • Lost Phone Finder

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