Trillian : A Must Have Chat Client Software for Android Now Available for Free!

Today I found that Cerulean Studio, the developer of Trillian Chat Client, released their Trillian Android Apps for free. Before it’s going for free, it sold $4.99 per apps. Now you could install it on your Android Phone without need to pay anything.

Trillian is an IM client which support Astra, MSN, Facebook chat, Yahoo Messenger, AIM/ICQ, Google, MySpaceIM and Jabber. It combine all of those IM into one based apps, Trillian 1.1.

No matter wherever you go, now you can connect with your friends using any instant messaging services you have. Trillian 1.1 for Android using cloud synchronization to sync you contacts and accounts to your android device, mac, windows, and web.

Trillian : A Must Have Chat Client Software for Android Now Available for Free

Trillian 1.1 for android support all of Instant Messaging features such as send pictures, messages, buzzes, emoticons, send URLs, type and push notifications etc. It also support copy and paste commands and delete all chats with one button. When you use android phones on landscape orientation, Trillian 1.1 also has landscape mode.

Landscape Mode at Trillian 1.1 for Android

Chat with a lot of friends in the same time is also easy becasuse with Trillian 1.1 you could switch between many simultaneous chat sessions by tapping the tabs.

For owner of android phones, I suggest you to install Trillian 1.1 for android apps as your IM client apps. It support most of all android device with various android OS version. You could download Trillian 1.1 for free from android market here:


Trillian is not only available for Android, it’s also available for other mobile phones such as iPhone and BlackBerry. But for iPhone and BlackBerry it sold for $4.99, same price with this Android version before it released for free today. Enjoy it!


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