TwitPic for Android can be downloaded for free

For you who often spend your time in Twitter, must be familiar with TwitPic, am I right? TwitPic is an online service which makes all Twitter users possible to share pictures or photos with all followers. Now official application of TwitPic can be enjoyed by all Android gadget users.

TwitPic for Android can be downloaded for free

Via this TwitPic application, you can be faster and easier in sharing photo/video with all your followers. Before you share, you can edit your photo first by various attractive filter to make it great. Via this application, you can also view twitter photo timeline from all people you followed in Twitter. All photo and video you uploaded can be managed in your own timeline.

You can download TwitPic for Android directly from Google Play:

However, because this application can be considered new, there probably a little bit bug or error you found. But It’s a common thing and SOT sure that TwitPic Inc will update this application continuously.

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