Xperia PLAY Owner? Hurry Up Get 4 Free Games from EA Games!

If you’re Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY owner, it’s good news for you. Sony Ericsson cooperates with EA Games shares 4 popular games for all Xperia PLAY users. Popular Games which are shared for free are: Dead Space, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Need for Speed Shift dan Need for Speed Hot Pursuit! Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Xperia PLAY Owner? Hurry Up Get 4 Free Games from EA Games!

To get these four games from EA, you just have to slide your Xperia PLAY to open on-screen game launcher. There would be appear four games you can get for free. Then you’ll be asked to connect your Xperia Play with WiFi Network. After your device is connected with WiFi network, you just have to select game icon you want to download.

Free Game for Xperia PLAY owner are:

1. Dead Space.
2. Battlefield Bad Company 2.
3. Need for Speed Shift.
4. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

You can get above game for free to January 15th 2012 GMT. So, for you who owed of Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, hurry up downloading and enjoying those four attractive games!

Xperia PLAY is a cell phone produced by Sony Ericsson which using Android operating system. Xperia PLAY is specially designed for game fans. It has four inches multi-touch screen which is anti-scratch equipped with 5,1 MP autofocus camera. Xperia PLAY has 1 GHZ CPU which made it able to play game smoothly.

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