Daily Horoscope Review: Watching Fortune through BlackBerry Device

Everyone’s fate is difference, some luckier in love, some others in career. If you curious about your luck from day to day, there’s nothing wrong to “peek” what said by your Zodiac today through special application for your BlackBerry device, Daily Horoscope.

Daily Horoscope is an horoscope application which is able to give information about love, career, friendship, and luck through horoscope. If you believe about Zodiac or just curious, Daily Horoscope would be the right application.

horoscope app for blackberry

Installation and License

License Agreement can be met after this application installed to internal memory of BlackBerry. Just by pressing Accept button, this software would be ready to use. This application is developed by Comitic. Until this article is made, Daily Horoscope we tested is still in version 2.0.73.


Daily Horoscope not just giving prediction about your daily life through stars or Zodiac. Some additional features can be enjoyed when using this application. Here are some features provided in this software.

Zodiac – Daily Horoscope has main feature giving prediction using zodiac. Each star has its own forecast. Here, you’ll meet various horoscopes started from Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Sagitarius, Libra, Scorpio, to Capricorn.

Chinese Horoscope – If you believe more to Chinese zodiac horoscope, you can find it in this application. Chinese prediction directed more to Shio. Whatever your Shio, here is the horoscope.

Druid Horoscope- In this kind of horoscope, developer combined your birth date with tree. Here you’ll find various trees such as Pine, Oak, Maple, Apple, to Willow. After deciding date and sign, you can directly calculate it.

Daily Horoscope offers something different compared with similar kind of horoscope application you can find on BlackBerry Apps World. In addition of the three main features given, this application still store various other ability to be enjoyed.


Here are some tests we found on:

Compatibility Zodiac- If you’re curious with your love and partner, there’s nothing wrong to find out zodiac suitability between you and your partner. Unfortunately, Compatibility Zodiac doesn’t include into Chinese and Druid Horoscope.

Screen Animation – Although this application has small capacity, but this software is still able to give some attractive animation screen such as Vertical Push Over, Vertical Push Out, Fade Transition, and Fade Blank.

Alert Horoscope – You don’t need to enter this application to get new horoscope. You can set so that every new horoscope will give alert. This application utilize push technology which become attractor of BlackBerry.

Compability – for Blackberry Storm user, you can do setting to turn off Compatibility Mode so that you can use this application as it should be.

Language – Recently it’s available only in English. If you don’t want to use English, developer suggested you not to download this application. Comitic as developer recently prepared other languages in the next version.

Error – if you find Error.Java.Lang first time you run Daily Horoscope so, it’s suggested to restart your Blackberry. If it still has the same problem after restarted, it would be better for you to contact this software developer party.


By attractive design and easy interface to be used, seems like you won’t need file guidance in using this application. To get conclusion when you find problem in Daily Horoscope you can send e-mail to support@androidz.info.


Set aside weakness we found after the test done, there are two things to be remembered. First, this application only gives prediction which just probably happens and probably not, future is in your own hand. Second, this software is horoscope software, not matchmaking utilities, so don’t count on this application to get mate.


Daily Horoscope is a daily horoscope application predicted according to zodiac, Chinese, druid horoscope. If you believe on forecast or just want to have fun, there’s nothing wrong to use utilities from this Comitic. For this application capability, there’s no doubt about it since it’s quite satisfying.

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