Practically Restarting BlackBerry by QuickPull

Blackberry is a smartphone which is recently popular in Indonesia, not rare a person has more than one BlackBerry device. Just like another smartphone, BlackBerry also provides various application you can download for free in AppWord. But unfortunately, because of overuse application usage (multiple applications run at once), Blackberry often has trouble such as hang. The worse, it made BlackBerry experienced blank (white screen). It’s truly bothering us.

Practically Restarting BlackBerry by QuickPull

One way to overcome such problem is by doing hard reset. Yeah… Hard Reset is often done by BlackBerry user to restart device by directly taking off the battery or pressing Alt+Shift+Del buttons at once.

But, using Alt+Shift+Del shortcut sometimes couldn’t be applied for all BlackBerry Devices. It only can be done in BlackBerry which has physical QWERTY keyboard. Than bothering you to press Alt+Shift+Del or just taking off battery first, it would be better for you to use QuickPull.

QuickPull is a free application produced by Steelhorn software, which is also development from previous version. QuickPull can be used to restart your shortcut without doing two previous methods (Hard reset and shortcut). Moreover, this application is compatible with all type of Blackberry devices.

Interesting feature from QuickPull, in addition of restarting manually, you can also do automatic restart, or managing your schedule. This is lite application and won’t influence your memory. It’s quite fast to do restart.

Practically Restarting BlackBerry by QuickPull

Practically Restarting BlackBerry by QuickPull

Download QuickPull:

How about that? Interesting, isn’t it? By using QuickPull, now you don’t have to press shortcut Alt+Shift+Del buttons or taking off the battery which would bother you. I wish it would be useful:D

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