Changing VoiceMail into Messages Text with Yap Voicemail!

For you who got many voicemail, you’d felt that much more easier to read message than listen to voicemail one by one, moreover if there are so many voicemail. Reading message would be faster, save your time, and practical! Lucky you now there has been an application can change your voicemail into message text. This application is Yap Voicemail! For you who have iPhone or Android phone, you can install this Yap Voicemail and change all voicemail you received into messages text

Changing VoiceMail into Messages Text with Yap Voicemail!

By exchanging your voicemail into message text using Yap Voicemail, you can get some ease, such as:

1. You can read many message text faster than listen to many voicemail one by one.
2. You can search voicemail you’ve changed into message text by using keyword you wanted.
3. You can reply your voicemail using email and text message directly.
4. Yap Voicemail now has feature to send all your voicemail which has already changed into message text transcript to your email. Even its original voicemail can be use as the email’s attachment.

For you who use iPhone or Android phone who want to use this Yap Voicemail to transcript your received voicemail into message text, you can download Yap Voicemail here:

Yap Voicemail for iPhone:


Yap Voicemail for Android Phone:

My Review for Yap Voicemail:

The idea of this application actually good, but unfortunately, its transcript accuracy was only 80%. Even can be worse if the voicemail sender had bad accent or grammar. Beside, its transcript process is still slow. But I still gave rating 7 from 10 for this Yap Voicemail. What an entertaining application! :)

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