Download Official Application of UEFA EURO 2012 for Free

EURO 2012 euphoria recently attack all over the world, including Indonesia. If you don’t want to miss various things related with EURO 2012, you can download official application: UEFA EURO 2012. This application is available for all smartphone platform such as Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone.


This UEFA EURO 2012 official application contained various things related with EURO 2012 including:

1. The latest news related with EURO 2012.

2. Announcement related with match schedule or your favorite team news you decided.

3. Schedule, line up, players profile, photo gallery, to statistic detail for each team.

4. Video interview of players and coaches.

5. Live match result.

6. information, photo gallery, and travel guide in Poland and Ukraine, who knows you want to watch EURO 2012 live there.

Such a complete features, isn’t it? For EURO 2012 fans, it’s a must to download this EURO 2012 official application.

Here are download link of UEFA EURO 2012 official application for various smartphone platform:

EURO 2012 Application for Blackberry:

EURO 2012 Application for Android:

EURO 2012 Application for iPhone:

EURO 2012 Application for Windows Phone:

Now you won’t miss various news about your favorite team, and also various information related with EURO 2012. Enjoy supporting your favorite team in EURO 2012 :D

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