How to do Video Call with 6 People at Once for Free

Do you want to do video call fro free? Do you want to do video call with many people at once for free? If yes, few moments later I will show you how. Through ooVoo service, you can do video call for free to 6 people at once! You can do video call from Windows computer, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, even tablet PC such as iPad or Galaxy Tab. Kinda interesting, isn’t it?


ooVoo is a video call service provided multiplatform application for iOS. Android, Windows and Mac. By ooVoo application and service, you can do video call for free. Not just doing two people video call just like common free video call service, ooVoo can be used to do video call at once to 6 people at once. Surely this feature conform you who want to do teleconference with friends, partners, even your family who live in far place.

To enjoy free video call from ooVoo, you just have to download and install ooVoo application here. Download as platform you used (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS) then install in your device.


Beside video call group with high quality, ooVoo also have another feature such as video chat room, text chat, etc.

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