How to find and protect your lost Mobile Phone with F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile

Don’t let anyone take an advantage from your lost or stolen mobile phone! It’s true that no software could secure you from Mobile phone loss, and if the worst thing came, make sure that nobody could take an advantage from your lost Mobile! F-Secure Anti-Theft for mobile will make sure that all important data and information in your lost mobile phone will not be misused by other person. Do you know how much it cost? IT’S FREE!

Protect Your Mobile Phone with F-Secure Anti-Theft

Protect Your Mobile Phone with F-Secure Anti-Theft

F-Secure Anti-Theft will remotely protect and secure all information in your mobile phone only with 1 text message! By one text message you will be able to find out where your mobile phone location, erase all your personal data, or even if the thief change your mobile’s SIM card, F-Secure Anti-Theft will give you the information of recent number used by the thief.

What advantage you found by using F-Secure Anti-Theft?

1. You could lock your mobile phone remotely

If your mobile phone is gone or stolen, you could lock it only with one sms. Your mobile phone would still be in locked condition until you got it back and put your password in.

2. You could find out your mobile phone location

If your mobile phone is lost, you could find it wherever its location through map which could be accessed only with one text message!

3. You could erase all data in your mobile phone remotely

When your mobile is gone, and you didn’t expect it back, you could erase all data in your mobile phone only with one text message. The thief would only get mobile without any contain inside, and your data would be secured and not misused.

4. You could look and catch the thief!

When your mobile was stolen, and the thief exchange its SIM Card with new number, F-Secure Anti-Theft will automatically let you know the new number. This feature work automatically when your mobile activated!


How to use F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile to protect your Mobile Phone:

1. Please visit this site to download F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile:


2. Select one option from three download option displayed.

Download F-Secure Anti-Theft to Track stolen mobile phone

3. Download, install and activate F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile in your mobile phone.

4. Your Mobile phone has secured from stealing.

5. Use this text message code and send it to your mobile phone number if your mobile phone is lost or stolen:

Send text message: #lock#[your code] to lock your mobile phone.
Send text message: #locate#[your code] to find out the recent location of your mobile phone.
Send text message: #wipe#[your code] to erase all data in your mobile phone.

You could see this video for complete explanation

F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile could be used in mobile phone which using symbian, windows mobile, or android platform.


My Review about F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile:


By benefit features like locking mobile phone, erasing all data, finding out location, finding out the number of latest SIM Card, F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile is free anti-stealing mobile phone with most complete features. Its utilizing is also very simple, just with one 1 sms with certain code, most problems happened when your mobile phone is lost or stolen could be overcame.


F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile is not support for blackberry, iPhone, and java platform mobile phone. Its location search feature is also worked according to GPS pointing, so if you used mobile phone which has no GPS feature, location search feature wouldn’t function well

Final Verdict:

Free and very useful. Recommended to Install!

Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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    Dear sir
    I have lost a samsung guru 26 mobile phone.
    I don’t install F-SECURE ANTI THEFT SOFTWARE .
    may I track or lock the stolen mobile bearing IMEI NO.
    Is there any software to locate or lock the stolen mobile knowing IMEI NO.
    pl reply me in my mail
    thanking you sirs
    yours truly

    • @ Mahesh Chandra Behera :

      Hi there,
      Actually I don’t know about how the phone regulation at India, but..I’ve googling and found this information below that might be helpful for you:

      If you live in india, you can send an email to with these information below:

      Your name:
      Phone model:
      Last used No.:
      E-mail for communication:
      Missed date:
      IMEI No.:

      If you’re lucky you’ll get your phone back!
      You could read the original article here :

      I hope this helpful for you and I hope you’ll get your phone back soon :)


    HI am Deepak
    everybody had’t known the IEMI no. whom know who will behind the close door,can you get to know how we collect stolan mobile without IEMI no.
    do reply me on my email id.

  • Rameswar mishra

    dear sir,
    i lost my mobile in April.I didn,t install F-SECURE ANTI_THEFT SOFTWARE.the man who got it,couldn,t use it for some days because it had a security he used to receive my call in my own number and prerended me to return it to me.but after some days he switched off the mobile.
    can you help me to get it back?
    yours truly

  • Sir

    To whom im sending sms? Is it free of charge? If not how much it cost?

  • Rose

    My phone is lost and I installed f-secure anti theft in my nokia n8-00 but I dont have my code to trace my phone. Please help me. thank you

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