Download HDR FX : The Best Photo and Video Application for iOS (+Bonus!)

iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad now could have the number one photo and video application in more than 34 countries! HDR FX can be downloaded for free to the next April 30th 2012. Do you want to know how to get it?

HDR FX is an iOS application which is able to add special effect so your picture would be more “alive”! This application has various effect combination setting you can choose. For you who don’t want to bother yourself, you can use automatic photo analyzer feature to give the best combination automatically.


People said, one picture explains thousand words. It would be better for us to see the photo difference before and after edited with HDR FX in iPhone :


Clearer and better, isn’t it?

Lucky, HDR FX application which is normally sold $1.99 can be obtained for free to the next April 30th 2012. To get it, you just have to visit HDR FX page in this iTunes page :

HDR FX in iTunes (normal prize $1.99)


Whoops… Not just that, there’s other four iOS applications as bonus you can receive for free in limited time:

Tiny Dict (normal prize $0.99)

Time Tracker (normal prize $0.99)

Home Budget Calculations (normal prize $0.99)

Graph by Tap To Learn (normal prize $0.99)

I hope it will be useful

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