Dragon Dictation: Better or Worse than Typing?

Dragon dictation is one of the most popular and free voice recognition app for iOS device today. It is an easy to use voice recognition app powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology. The developer claimed that using this voice recognition app is up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard.

Dragon Dictation: Better or Worse than Typing?

Dragon Dictation allows users to update their facebook and twitter, send notes and reminders, write email and short text messages directly using their voice. Sounds interesting? Well, after I used it, I found that there are two cons from this app that I’d like to share with you here:

1. Dragon dictation will upload your recorded voice to their server and translate your voice into text. Users who don’t have unlimited data subscription would get an “extra” charge on their monthly data subscription.

2. Dragon dictation only allows users to record their voice 20 seconds at a times. That’s great for the short email, messages, and social network status, but it too short if you want to do anything more.

That’s the reasons why I’ll stick to typing than using Dragon dictation voice recognition app. How about you?

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