Find My Friends Application Has Succeed Tracking A Cheating Wife!!

This is an interesting story related with Find My Friends application launching by Apple some moments ago. Just like as reported before, Apple introduced their latest application which named “Find My Friends” along the launching of iOS 5 and iPhone 4S. Just like its name, this application made iPhone user possible to trace the presence of a friend who has agreed to share information about his/her location to some trusted people.

Find My Friends App Has Succeed Tracking A Cheating Wife!!

It’s still not a month passed this application existed in App Store, there has been a “victim” named Thomas Metz whose story he revealed on MacRumors Forum.

The story began when Metz has just bought her wife iPhone 4S and install “Find my Friends” application without her wife aware of it.

Few days later, her wife came out home saying that she would go to her friend’s house in neighbor-village. At that time, Metz a bit suspicious that in spite of went to the neighbor-village, her wife would go to the downtown, other man’s house.

Metz suspiciousness was real. When he checked “Find My Friends” application, he found that her wife was not on neighbor-village, but on downtown. Soon after that, Metz sent text message to her wife and replied by her wife who still pretended that she was on neighbor-village.

Metz didn’t explain how the story end, but on review apps in App Store, he said, ”Those beautiful treasure trove of screen shots (is) going to play well when I meet her at the lawyer’s office in a few weeks. Thankfully, she’s the rich one.” It seemed like Metz glad enough about marital property share with his wife.

How about you? Are you interesting to install Find My Friends application in your iPhone? You can download Find My Friends application directly from iTunes Store.

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