Get 123D Sculpt : Virtual Sculpt application for iPad

Years gone more modern and sophisticated, if sculpting was done by using clay, now we can do it by iPad! Even to get sculpting sensation, we don’t have to get our hand dirty. Yup… At least, it is the purpose of Autodesk in developing this 123D Sculpt application. Are you curious about it?

123D Sculpt is developed by the most prominent design and animation vendor, Autodesk. This application is made specifically for iPad. So, for you, iPad owner who want to feel sculpting sensation in digital, 123D Sculpt is worth to try.


123D gives various basic shape in library to make you easier. This basic form consisted of human pattern, vehicle, etc. after you select the basic form you wanted, now is the time to sculpt as your desire and creativity.


Just like real sculpting process, you can do various things by using iPad multitouch feature. Pull, Smooth, Push, Pinch, Flatten, Bulge, Rub, Paint etc can be done.

Here is video which showed how 123D Sculpt in using:

This 123D Sculpt actually a paid iPad application. But in limited time, you can get it for free and legal. Visit 123D Sculpt page in App Store and install it in your iPad soon

123D Sculpt in App Store


Remember, this digital sculpting application made by Autodesk is only available for free in limited time. Don’t be late. Enjoy trying :)


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