Hide Pictures on iPhone using Best Photo Safe Application

There are many of iPhone fans who still haven’t found how to hide pictures on iPhone. Whereas, many of them have private and personal photos in their iPhone folders. To guarantee that those personal photos not to be seen and spread to unwanted people, you can use an application named Best Photo Safe. This application can be used to hide pictures on iPhone safely. The good news is, this Best Photo Safe application can be received for free in a limited time! Interesting?

Hide Pictures on iPhone using Best Photo Safe Application

By using this Best Photo Safe application, hide photos on iPhone would be so easy and simple. You just have to put on photos you want to hide into this application, so there would be no more person able to access your private photos unless yourself.

In addition for hide pictures on iPhone, Best Photo Safe can also be used for separate, group and organize all photos you had. This application is even able to display fake photo to cheat people who want to access your personal photo.

Not just that, if there’s fad people who force to see your picture and fail to login after four times, this application would directly take the person’s picture automatically! Interesting, isn’t it?

You can download this Best Photo Safe application for free from iTunes Store. Remember, this Best Photo Safe application is free just until the end of this week.

Unfortunately, this Best Photo Safe is only able to hide pictures on iPhone. There’s no feature to hide videos on iphone and other additional feature.

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