How to fake Your iPhone location to Avoid Find My Friends App Tracking

You surely still remember the news about how successful Find My Friends application. As reported before, Thomas Metz succeed finding her wife who cheated by using tracking facility from Find My Friend apps. But actually, you can evade from this application’s tracking by using other application, which is LocationHolic.

How to fake Your iPhone location to Avoid Find My Friends App Tracking

LocationHolic is an application you can use to fake your location. Please see the video below to find out how LocationHolic works:

Interesting, isn’t it? This Locationholic can be installed through Cydia. Click here to visit LocationHolic application.

If this application is installed in your iPhone, you can fake the location where you are on now. Find My Friends application which successfully caught a wife cheating won’t be able to do anything by this LocationHolic application. I hope you will enjoy it. :D

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  • Hank

    Really? Why on the world did someone create this kind of software? 

    • I think they create this kind of software to protect their privacy. :)

  • Blahblahblah

    This JB app does not fool Find My Friends. I’ve tested it.

  • nancy donald

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    realize he was having an affair with my best friend jeniffer. I really count myself lucky for contacting the great hacker

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