iOS 5 has been released – Get iOS 5 Direct Download Link here!

Yesterday Apple has just released iOS 5 operating system for all Apple Device. For you who haven’t updated or downloaded it, you can get iOS 5 Direct download link here. Surely downloading iOS 5 through direct download link would be faster than update it in conventional way through iTunes. For you who haven’t found out what’s new in this iOS 5, here is its latest feature list :

iOS 5 has been released – Get iOS 5 Direct Download Link here!

1. Notification Center.
iOS 5 has notification center, so all notification such as email, text message and other application’s notification would be in one place. It would make you easier in watching all entered notification

2. iMessage.
Now Apple device user such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch doesn’t have to envy BlackBerry user. It because iOS 5 prepare iMessage feature which its function is to send instant message, photo, contact, even video among Apple Device for free.

3. Newsstand.
Newstand is a feature as place to find all online publication subscriptions, whether it’s magazine or newspaper.

4. Reminder.
This feature will make you easier to make to do list and arranging your schedules. You can arrange all of your activity based on location, time and due dates. This reminder can also be used altogether with iCal, Outlook and iCloud in synchronized way.

5. Twitter.
In iOS 5, there’s new twitter feature, so you can easily tweeting directly from Safari browser. Mentioning your friends in twitter post can also be easier since this new twitter is connected directly with contact in your cell phone.

6. Kamera.
In iOS 5, now camera can be accessed, even when lock-screen. You can use grid lines, pinch-to-zoom gestures, single-tap focus also exposure locks to grab photo easier and better.

7. Photo.
Now you can fix and edit your photo first before upload it in social media network. There’s crop feature, rotate, even removed red-eye to make your photo quality becomes better.

8. Safari.
Browser safari in iOS 5 can be used to read website article better and without any disturbance. You can also save site list you will visit and read in the future.

9. no need any computer
To activate and manage your device, you don’t need computer anymore. You can activate and manage it using wireless. You can download iOS software updates directly from your device.

10. Synchronizing with Wi-Fi connection
Now you can do wireless synchronizing your iOS device to Mac or PC using Wi-Fi connection. Synchronization process happens automatically when your iOS device connect the electric power, such as in charging.

There are two ways to download this iOS 5, the first is directly from your device. Just connect your device to computer with USB cable, then open iTunes and click on “check for updates” in your device name.

The second way is by downloading iOS 5 directly. You can get iOS 5 direct download links here.

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