Now Outsmart Game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is available for free!

If you owe iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch who love board game, now you can get Outsmart Game for your device free. Game with 5 star rating is an easy game to be learned, but it would be difficult for you to be expert. That’s the challenge! Almost all Outsmart game users give 5 star rating since the challenge is so attractive and fun.

Now Outsmart Game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!

In this Outsmart game, you can play by yourself against CPU, or together with your friend, or against someone else in Game Center online. In this game, there is 4×4 (16 squares) board which all player has 8 squares with number 1-8. to find out the complete explanation about how to play this game, it would be great if you download and play it directly. Feel free to download Outsmart Game directly from iTunes Store here.

Although simple, This Outsmart Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has attracted a lot of fans. It’s proven from this game rating, which is so high.

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