SIRI is Cracked for Android Operating System?

SIRI should be acknowledged as the most advanced voice based technology provided in telecommunication device recently. Unique feature owed by iPhone 4S can recognize voice, executing order, and integrated various function inside it. Although there are many negative comment which deplored its ability to recognize various English accent in the world, SIRI is still amazing attractor factor. Imagine if this iPhone 4S main weapon appears in Android! All is possible through a process, “cracking”

SIRI is Cracked for Android Operating System?

SIRI main performance actually just sending voice data to server and take the exact response from there. Although seemed simple, this line makes Apple possible to control data in and out also selecting which device which is able or not able to use it. Applidium, one of the mobile application developer, claimed successfully broke and found SIRI security crack which made it possible to be exploited further, even applied in Android!

Main key which made it possible is identifier program usage to make Android device read as iPhone 4S in Apple server. Although still imperfect, but this step will be able to get through security crack along Apple could not recognize and block the identifier, which mean that until now, SIRI Access will be possible for all smartphone devices supported identifier program! Haciking showed by Applidium also makes SIRI possible to be part of a third party application. Apple itself still hasn’t given official explanation about it. One thing for sure, the company won’t be quiet.

Hacking to SIRI is not perfect, but has shown sign as ‘potential’ beginning. The hackers surely won’t let this golden used by SIRI. SIRI in Android phone? Let the time decide. (via redsnow)


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